Terms & Conditions

SCT Caravan Services have these in order to make the servicing/repairing of your caravan/motorhome go smoothly!!

We ask that there is enough room to work around your caravan/motorhome ,this includes all cupboards/wardrobes to be either empty or easily accessable

The exterior of the caravan/motorhome must be on solid flat ground,we cannot do our job properly and safely of on soft ground or a slope!!

The toilet must be empty and clean,if not then we will not service/repair it.

Its the customers responsibility to let us have access to the caravans keys,all security items ie hitchlocks,wheel clamps must be in working order

SCT Caravan Services do not refit any security device to your caravan as it becomes our responsibility should anything happen after we have fitted them back on.

This is solely the customers responsibility to refit the anti theftdevices.

If for any reason we are unable to work on your caravan due to any of the above terms not being met,we will charge a call out fee of £50.00.

If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions then please contact us

Simon Crook

SCT Caravan Services.